crindelstar-mp3-cardsm-copy*CrindelStar is an inspirational story based on a young girl, Maria, who faces peer pressure from her classmates to abandon believing in her precious unicorns. We learn through Maria’s encounter with a mystical creature, CrindelStar, that what she believes of herself creates the foundation of what she might ultimately contribute to the world through her life’s purpose and gift. CrindelStar arrives to rescue Maria from her despair, but it is through Maria’s compassion, honesty, and personal courage that CrindelStar is saved as well !

10007518_10203302461540490_957095750_nAUTHOR: Angela “Gigi” de Lugo:
Gigi de Lugo, Author, songwriter & Executive Producer of CrindelStar, is an award winning music publisher, feature film producer, and Founder of Tropic Heat Studios, LLC. Her company has represented Grammy Award Winning Artists and Award Winning Independent Filmmakers in addition to emerging independent artists from many genres. Gigi is a 4th generation U.S. Virgin Islander from St Croix, an activist & co-founder of 1 Human Race 4 Justice, Author, Songwriter, and “midwife to the muse” assisting in the birth of the artistic dreams of those she & Tropic Heat Studios, LLC. represent. In 2013 Gigi began a more personal website/blog adventure that honors and connects her ancestral homeland and her stateside home town (since 1993), called NashvilleUSVI.com

2017 celebrates the 32nd Year of CrindelStar

MAIN 1677x1300From a tiny island to around the world. The original “CrindelStar ~ Where The Universe Dreams”, story was written while  Gigi was living in the U.S. Virgin Islands, in 1985. The CrindelStar theme song was later **written and recorded, along with the story’s audio narration,  in Nashville, TN by 2004.  The first recipients of the audio album (2004) were children in South Africa suffering from AIDS. Copies of the  narrated story & song album were delivered to the South African children by way of a  Vanderbilt University Professor who had been introduced to the CrindelStar project in Nashville.  A  true “labor of love” defined everyone’s efforts to deliver those first handmade copies of CrindelStar, made possible by the Professor’s Nashville-based church mission group that supports AIDS Clinics in South Africa.

CrindelStar’radio-reach-collage-092413s mission has always been to reach children of all Nations,  delivering her inspirational message of Peace & Love. Over the years CrindelStar’s theme song has played on terrestrial radio station as well as internet radio, ultimately achieving a grassroots global reach in 2013 with Planet CrindelStar’s  third album, “Voices United 4 Peace” featuring a compilation of Peace songs & messages by International Artists & was broadcast globally via the University of the Virgin Islands radio station, the United Nations Radio, and more.

Planet CrindelStar 1

You can explore more about CrindelStar’s history, partners, supporters, and events archived at our older website version here at www.CrindelStar.com

  • * CrindelStar story by  Angela Maria de Lugo, “Gigi” (c) Tropic Heat Studios, LLC
  • ** CrindelStar [Theme Song] Copyright: Tropic Heat Music,BMI, Foxe Pen Music,BMI, Zootsuttie Music, BMI